Health and Safety

We aim to operate a safe workplace that is injury and fatality-free, and to enhance the well-being of employees, contractors and communities. To achieve this:
  • We provide visible safety leadership, and appropriate leadership development and training at every level;
  • We foster and maintain a positive safety culture, behavior, and awareness;
  • We identify and eliminate or mitigate safety, occupational and community health and hygiene hazards;
  • We maintain operational integrity;
  • We apply safe work systems and occupational and community health and hygiene programs;
  • We actively engage with and monitor contractors, suppliers and business partner so that they understand and respect our occupational and community health and safety standards;
  • We encourage and support our people and communities associated with our operations to participate in the programs which enhance their health and well-being;
  • We prepare for and effectively respond to emergencies and crises.
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