Potential Contribution to the Community

If the Tampakan Project is approved, revenue from the Project would enable local government to provide improved community services while other amounts would be directly spent by SMI in the host and neighboring communities through a Social Development Management Plan (SDMP).

An SDMP is a comprehensive plan required to be prepared by all mining operators in the Philippines under the national law. The SDMP describes the programs, projects and activities that would be undertaken by the mining operator to promote the general welfare of the inhabitants of the barangays where the mining area is located as well as neighboring barangays.

Activities recognized under the Philippine law, and which form part of an SDMP, include:

  • Human resource development and institutional building programs in the local community
  • Enterprise development activities which support income generation
  • Assistance for infrastructure development and support services in the community
  • Programs to improve access to education and provide opportunities to members of the
  • Improving access to health services and facilities
  • Protection of the existing socio-cultural value of the community.

The SDMP begins with the commencement of mining production and would be in place for the life of mining operation.

By developing and implementing a comprehensive development program, we aim to be a responsible partner with our host communities in achieving their vision for a sustainable future.

For further information regarding our Contribution to the Community, please refer to out Benefits to the Community Fact Sheet

Sagittarius Mines Incorporated