Sustainable Communities

We contribute to social and economic development of sustainable communities associated with our operations. To achieve this:
  • We identify the communities and other stakeholders associated with our operations and actively engage with them in a culturally appropriate and transparent manner as early as possible and throughout the life cycle of our operations to establish relationships based on mutual benefit and active participation;
  • We respect the culture, customs, interests and rights of communities, including indigenous peoples and vulnerable or previously disadvantaged groups;
  • We work with governments, local authorities, community representatives, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations and other interested parties to develop and support projects that benefit the communities associated with our operations.
  • We contribute each year to fund initiatives that benefit the communities associated with our operations, particularly those located in remote areas or in regions with a lower level of social and economic development and infrastructure.
  • We manage our funding so that our community initiatives receive stable and continuing financial support; and
  • We work to minimize the adverse impacts of our operations on the communities in which we operate and for them to avoid sole dependence on our operations.
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