Resettlement Committees

Resettlement Committees (RCs) are a place where affected communities can reach consensus with SMI on the proposed resettlement approach.


The RC process has been designed so SMI and affected communities can work directly together on developing a shared understanding about the principles that underpin resettlement matters and where community preferences and SMI's positions are presented and discussed.


Resettlement Committees have been endorsed by the local communities, Local Government Units (LGUs), and the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP), with community representatives on the RCs elected by the affected communities during an earlier phase of consultation.


Two RCs have been established - RC East (where meetings will be conducted in the Kimlawis camp) and RC West (where meetings will be conducted at Base Camp).


The RC process will involve a series of fortnightly meetings with the RC members elected by their communities, as well as with Barangay Captains, Tribal leaders and SMI representatives. Other formal and informal meetings will be held in between RC meetings.


To learn more about Resettlement Committees, please refer to ourResettlement Fast Facts or view the RC Meeting Highlights for RC East orRC West.


For further information regarding Resettlement, please refer to ourResettlement Fact Sheet.

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