We aim to preserve the long-term health, function, and viability of the natural environments affected by our operations. To achieve this:
  • We operate in an environmentally responsible manner in accordance with the scope of our environmental management systems.
  • We also do this by fulfilling our compliance obligations to all applicable laws, as well as serves as a framework for setting our environmental objectives;
  • We act as responsible stewards of our owner’s assets and operate to leading practice environmental standards;
  • We eliminate, mitigate or remediate the environmental impacts of our activities;
  • We continually improve the efficiency with which we use raw materials, energy and natural resources;
  • We reduce our direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions and work with other organizations, governments and groups to address climate change;
  • We reduce harmful emissions to air, water and land;
  • We avoid net losses or degradation of natural habitats, biodiversity and landscape functions;
  • We reduce wastes and the toxicity of our wastes;
  • We prevent or mitigate impacts of adverse environmental incidents; 
  • We work with our stakeholders to mitigate the environmental impacts of our product life cycle and supply chain; and
  • We communicate effectively with employees, government agencies, external service providers, shareowners and other stakeholders; and make this policy available to interested parties.
Sagittarius Mines Incorporated - Our Sustainable Development Policy - Environment Our Sustainable Development Policy