About Resettlement

For the Tampakan Project to proceed, consent must be granted from Project Affected Persons to resettle from the Final Mine Area (FMA). The scale of the Tampakan Project would require the relocation of approximately 1,000 existing households (approximately 5,000 people) from the FMA (approximately 10,000 hectares).

Resettlement has the potential to enhance the standard of housing, increase livelihood opportunities, and improve access to basic services like health, education, water and power (for people who live in and around the Project area), enabling a better future for affected people.

While there will be impacts for affected people, we are currently developing a comprehensive plan for resettlement in partnership with all affected communities, including indigenous people and in consultation with international resettlement specialists.

Importantly, SMI has not commenced resettlement of any people. This cannot occur until the Free and Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) is granted by indigenous peoples and a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) is endorsed by Project Affected Persons.

For further information regarding Resettlement, please refer to our Resettlement Fact Sheet.

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