Resettlement Committee Fast Facts

  • The RCs have the following general functions:


    • Identify and communicate community concerns and ideas to SMI relating to resettlement
    • Act as a conduit to affected communities by communicating information regarding the status of resettlement activities and outcomes from RC meetings 
    • Provide relevant inputs into resettlement planning and processes tabled at RC meetings, via participation and group discussions
    • Develop and obtain  consensus of the resettlement packages which include, resettlement sites, eligibility, compensation (land, crops, community buildings and infrastructure, other structures), replacement housing, and livelihood restoration.


  • There are 115 RC members, elected by the community. These RC members represent their community and relay community feedback to the RC.


  • A set of Guiding Principles, Rules and Procedures, endorsed by RC members, guides all activities undertaken in RC meetings.


  • An Independent Moderator, endorsed by the community, moderates the RC meetings.


  • A Resettlement Oversight Committee (ROC) has also been established. The ROC, composed of representatives from SMI, the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP), Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB), and Provincial and Municipal Local Government Units, will oversee the resettlement consultation process to ensure transparency and compliance with leading practice and SMI's commitment to fairness and equity. It will discuss community feedback and advise on the attitudes and views of the community, government and other agencies. ROC members do not participate in RC meetings. The ROC meets monthly.


For further information regarding Resettlement, please refer to ourResettlement Fact Sheet.

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