Proposed Mining Operations

The key steps of the proposed mining operation would include:

  • Preparing the site which includes vegetation clearing
  • Drilling and blasting of the ore and waste rock
  • Open-pit mining of ore and waste rock using large mechanical shovels, excavators and trucks
  • Hauling waste rock from the open-pit to the Waste Rock Storage Facility (WRSF) and ore to the ore stockpile or the crusher which feeds into the ore conveyor
  • Transporting ore, via conveyor, from the crushers to the concentrator for processing to produce a copper-gold concentrate and tailings
  • Storing tailings and waste rock in the Tailings Storage Facility (TSF)
  • Transporting copper-gold concentrate from the mine site to the port via a pipeline.

To learn more about our proposed mining operation, please refer to our Tampakan Project Fact Sheets.

Sagittarius Mines Incorporated