Assists the Resettlement Supervisor for Infrastructure in the implementation of Infrastructure Surveys
and Valuation of Structures to be affected by Phase 1 of the Tampakan Copper-Gold Project. Prepare
the appraisal and valuation of structures affected by the Land Acquisition for Phase 1. Participate and
assist in the successful implementation of the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for Phase 1 of the
Tampakan Copper-Gold Project.
This is an eleven (11) months project employment based in Tampakan.
Key responsibilities:
Sustainable Development Standards – Provide direct and visible leadership within own area
of responsibility through the effective use of the project’s SD standards and systems and
demonstrate compliance with the Company’s SD policies, procedures, and standards in all work
activities and ensure that resettlement programs, systems, and processes have a positive
impact on the project’s culture on sustainable development.
Resettlement Programs - Supports the Resettlement Supervisor for Infrastructure Surveys
and Valuation in the successful implementation of a comprehensive infrastructure survey and
valuation plan for the houses and infrastructures to be affected by the land acquisition activities
and Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for Phase 1 of the Tampakan Copper-Gold Project.
To facilitate the implementation of the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for Phase 1, infrastructure
surveys, and valuation, the Property Valuation Officer shall perform tasks and duties, which
shall include, but are not limited to the following:
o Conduct a structure reconnaissance survey to identify the actual location of structures
affected by the land acquisition.
o Conduct a physical inspection of the property and take notes of any potential damage
or structural issues and create a detailed report on the inspected property outlining the
o Investigate local market conditions and have considered the extent, character, and
utility of the property, sales and holding prices of similar properties, and the property's
highest and best use.
o Measure and record property dimensions and obtain information on certain factors that
would affect the valuation of the property.
o Prepare a daily logbook of activities outlining issues and concerns encountered during
the valuation.
o Prepare a consolidated inventory list of valuated properties.
o Prepare an appraisal report of the property based on the Philippine Valuation Standard
Managing Resettlement Sustainability Programs
o Supports the delivery of sustainable livelihood restoration projects for Project Affected
Persons (PAPs) to be resettled by providing technical assistance to the Resettlement
Teams’ Community Development Section.
o Support and assist in the successful implementation of the Resettlement Action Plan
(RAP) for Phase 1 of the Tampakan Copper-Gold Project by conducting accurate, fair,
honest property and infrastructure valuations in compliance and in alignment with the
Philippine Valuation Standards (PVS) and relevant laws and policies.
• Compliance
o Ensure all the programs and activities involve during the infrastructure survey and
valuation needed in the preparation and implementation of the Resettlement Action
Plan (RAP) are in alignment with the FPIC – MOA if it involves the IPs and the LGU
MOA or agreements for Non-IP PAPs.
o Ensure timely and accurate submission of documents, like appraisal reports, valuation
summaries, progress/accomplishment reports, inspection reports, and other
documents for submission internally and to the top management.
o Adhere to all relevant legal rules and regulations and review local zoning codes during
the valuation process.
• Internal Support
o Provide Internal support and services, like technical support needed and as required
by the Community Relations Department and the rest of the departments in SMI.
• Cost Management and Accountability
o Ensure prudent and judicious use of the company’s resources without compromising the
delivery of quality products and output in the most effective and efficient way.
Key requirements:
• College Degree, preferably in Civil Engineering, Real Estate Management, or relevant
discipline with valid license in Real Estate Brokerage or Real Property Appraisal is a plus
• Minimum 3 years’ experience as valuation officer either in construction, real estate, or any
government projects involving Right of Way (ROW) acquisition and have conducted an
actual appraisal of properties in accordance with Philippine Valuation Standards.
• With experience working in conflict-affected communities, sensitive local stakeholders,
complex security, and cultural and socio-political landscape.
• Experience working in the mining or extractive industries sector is highly desirable.
• With organizational and leadership skills.
• Honest and reliable, works well under pressure, team player, able to organize own team,
safety champion, customer focused, strive for continuous improvement, and with
• Ability to exercise a high level of confidentiality and deal with individuals at various levels
of the organization
• With Technical Expertise in Property Valuation and Customer Relations
• Demonstrated planning, organization, coordination, communication, presentation, and
negotiation skills
• Excellent written and oral communication skills – fluent in both English and Filipino;
preferably able to converse in Visayan or other local dialects
• High level of awareness on health, safety, environment, and stakeholder engagement
practices and standards.
• Advanced computer literacy, particularly in MS Office applications
• Should be familiar with the Philippine Valuation Standards (PVS), BIR Zonal Value, and
other related statutory standards.
• Skilful in the engagement with stakeholders, including local government officials,
community leaders, and residents
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position title.
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