To supervise on the implementation and management of Security Operations and Compliance
Section of the Corporate Security Department in continually reviewing the performance of
security contractors, review and updating of Security Plans for high risks activities, undertake
investigations, maintaining corporate standards, conducting audits, and ensuring that all SMI
staff and security contractors promote best practices across all areas of the operations and
its premises. SMI ERT Coordinator, delegate tasks to appropriate members and provide
leadership and motivation to guide team members in making consistent progress.
This is a regular position based in Tampakan and within area of activities.
Key responsibilities:
• Sustainable Development Standards – Ensure effective implementation of the
project’s sustainable development standards and systems within own area of
responsibility to positively contribute to nurturing the organization’s culture on
sustainable development.
• Sustainable Development Performance – adherence to company SHE policies,
procedures, and standards.
o Ensure effective use of the project’s safety and environmental-friendly standards
and systems within own area of responsibility to positively contribute in
nurturing the organization’s sustainable development culture.
o Monitor the progress and completion of Corporate Security Annual Plan for 2022
based on agreed timelines.
o Monitor and enhance the compliance of security contractors with the
department Annual Plan.
o 100% reporting of incidents involving security department contractor personnel.
o Full compliance with corporate, national, and international practices and
relevant internal, regulatory, and legislative instruments.
o Ensures all department/teams compliance to the Security Policies and
Procedures (Travel Clearance Policy, and all other security standards/procedure
in place.
o CSD representative to the SD Committee and EMS compliances. Also, act as EMS
auditor. Assumes the role of Emergency Response Team (ERT) Vice-Chair.
Security Systems and Policies
• Responsible for ensuring the overall effective management and integrity of all security
• Remain abreast of legal developments and regulatory changes relevant to security
matters; identify areas of business risks; and proactively advise on their management
to ensure SMI’s ongoing compliance.
• Responsible for the coordination, management and implementation of SMI’s
Intelligence Collection Policy and Plan.
• Ensure all department/teams providing info on potential threats to include 100%
reporting of all security-related observation and incident.
• Conduct investigation on security and safety incidents that involve CSD and security
contractor personnel.
• Provide appropriate guidance and resources to ensure delivery and implementation
of security standards within the agreed timelines.
• Full compliance with corporate, national, and international practices and relevant
internal, regulatory and legislative instruments.
• Ensure all department/teams compliance to the Security Policies and Procedures
(Travel Clearance Policy, Roadblocks, Access and Identification Procedure), and all
other security standards/procedure in place.
Security Intelligence and Analysis
• Prepare and finalize reports on background and records checks of employees,
contractors, consultants and suppliers.
• Oversee and supervise the undertaking of research, counter checking, information
gathering and analysis of intelligence data needed for risk assessments and resolution
of potential and unfolding security concerns.
Special Security Projects
• Lead the data collection, archiving and managing of holdings on illegal small-scale
mining (ISSM) in the Project area. Liaises and participates in the intel-exchange with
the PMRB South Cotabato on ISSM.
• Oversee the implementation of short term and long-term intelligence research
projects aimed at obtaining quality and validated information significant to company
External Relationship
• Take charge in ensuring the development and enhancement of team liaising with
information network---government, contractors, communities and other external
Government and Corporate Reporting
• Responsible of the overall protection and integrity of all security-related information
and ensure delivery of robust and relevant reports for internal and external purposes
Admin management and compliance
• Manages the admin concerns of CSD.
• Works in tandem with teammates and relevant support groups to ensure functional
practices comply with relevant workplace guidelines, legal/government frameworks
and corporate requirements.
Key requirements:
• With eight (8) year experience in special and clandestine security operations in
supervisory capacity.
• With experience working with diplomat and foreign dignitaries and experience in a
police / military service (preferred).
• Maritime Tactical Operations/ Maritime Law Enforcement Boarding Team/ Counter
Narcotics MARLEN Boarding Team/ Channel blasting/underwater explosives demolition
jobs for beach clearance/ Underwater pipe survey and demolition/ Weapons Handling
and Over the Beach Insertion Operations.
• Develop and implement security policies, protocols, rules and regulations, procedures,
organize and oversee all security operations of the company and demonstrate excellent
surveillance and emergency response skills.
• Responsible for a safe, secure, and legal work environment for organic personnel,
contractors, sub-contractors, and community workers at most fundamental level of
security standard. Strong commitment to security rules and knowledge of all hazards
and threats to safety, exhibit leadership skills and accomplishes department objectives
by managing, planning, and evaluating potential risk and possible threats. Planning
security operations for specific events, coordinate staff when responding to emergencies
and alarms and create reports for management on security/ generate and preserve
environment where employees, visitors and property are safe and well-protected.
• Formulate, forge and train quick reaction team if necessary.
• Knowledge on Industrial Security, Regulations on Private Security (RA 5487), Operation
and Communication equipment
• Basic Knowledge MS application
• Interpersonal Relationship
• Excellent communication skills
• With valid professional driver’s license
For additional details and other vacancies, interested applicants are directed to visit Resume and aplication letter may also be sent to indicating the position title. 
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