This role is tasked to support SMI’s emergency evacuation plans by transporting patients with illnesses or injuries to definitive care and ensure the company’s ambulance is operated and maintained in compliance with prescribed standards on health, safety, customer service, operational reliability, resource efficiency, and risk management.

Key responsibilities:

Perform safe emergency transport of sick or injured person to a medical facility by operating the ambulance unit according to technical driving standards.

Administer prescribed treatment at the site of an emergency or in the ambulance such as first aid, immobilization of injuries, or administration of basic life support procedures.

Provide ambulance services to those in need of urgent medical care by arranging timely removal of the patient to the next point of definitive care.

Ensure proper maintenance of medical and communication equipment installed in the ambulance unit.

Manage requisition, replenishment, and control of medical supplies for ambulance use.

Maintain vehicle in clean, polished, and flawless operating condition.  Ensure the timely conduct of pre-trip, post-trip, and periodically-required vehicle inspections.  Perform minor maintenance tasks on the vehicles when necessary and ensure that vehicle maintenance requirements are reported and completed on time to prevent downtimes that may hamper safe operations.

Prepare and document trip reports to ensure vehicle utilization adhere to approved vehicle management guidelines and support business requirements.  Ensure accurate, up-to-date information is indicated on trip tickets, transportation forms, vehicle maintenance, fuel purchases, incident reports, accident reports, vehicle condition reports, and similar records, as required.

Ensure understanding, familiarity, and compliance with all applicable traffic rules and regulations, vehicle operating manual, manufacturer’s instructions, and internal vehicle management guidelines and procedures.

Ensure mastery of “vehicle dynamics”, defensive, escape, and evasion driving skills in a scored and evaluated training program; re-trains; and re-certifies, as required.

Execute established incident reporting requirements and prepare accident and incident reports, as necessary.

Key requirements:

       At least college level

       Minimum 3 years of driving experience; preferably, in rugged terrain and with a background in                         paramedical ambulance driving

       Valid professional driver’s license with 2-3-4-5 restriction codes and TESDA NCII competency certificate

       Certified First Aider

       Demonstrated competency in applying emergency triage in dealing with mass casualty

       Ability to act calmly in an emergency

       Familiar with incident and accident reporting procedures and documentation processes

      Good communication skills

      Innovative, action-oriented, solutions-based, and reliable

      Familiarity with local routes, traffic rules, vehicle maintenance, and minor trouble-shooting is an                      advantage

For additional details and other vacancies, interested applicants are directed to visit Résumé and application letter may also be sent to indicating the position title.  Closing date is 26 October 2018.

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